doTERRA Lemon Eucalyptus (Lemon Eucalyptus) Essential Oil (15ml)



Lemon Eucalyptus is cleansing and uplifting, native to northern Australia and known for its refreshing, lemon-scented aroma.

Tip for use

  • Add to a spray bottle with water to clean surfaces or use as a natural room spray.
  • Spray in the morning to create an energetic and positive environment.
  • Combine a few drops with fractionated coconut oil for a rejuvenating, invigorating massage.


What is the difference between Eucalyptus Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus Oil?

Lemon Eucalyptus oil comes from a different type of tree than Eucalyptus oil. Lemon eucalyptus is a common nickname for the tree, but it is also called lemon gum and blue-stained gum. Despite its name, Lemon Eucalyptus is not a citrus fruit. Like lemon myrtle and Lemongrass oil, it simply has a lemony aroma.

How do you use Lemon Eucalyptus Oil?

Lemon Eucalyptus oil has a refreshing scent that is ideal for creating an uplifting and invigorating atmosphere. To take advantage of this, you can diffuse Lemon Eucalyptus alone or with other oils you like. Citronellal and citronellol are the main chemical constituents in Lemon Eucalyptus, which give the oil cleansing properties. Put a few drops in a spray bottle with water to use on surfaces. For extra power, also add a few drops of your favorite citrus oil to the spray bottle. You can also use the cleansing power of Lemon Eucalyptus for your skin. Add a drop to your facial cleanser or moisturizer. If you have never used Lemon Eucalyptus topically before, you should dilute the oil. Diluting with an oil such as fractionated coconut oil will minimize skin sensitivity.

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