Starter Kits

Discover the essence of wellness with our carefully curated starter kits from doTERRA. Begin your aromatherapy journey with this special selection and immerse yourself in the world of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Each starter kit is designed to not only provide you with the powerful benefits of doTERRA's most beloved essences but also offers excellent value with its own discount account for your future purchases. Whether you are new to the world of essential oils or want to expand your existing collection, our starter kits will awaken your senses and lay a foundation for a lifetime of natural health and beauty. Welcome to AromaPro, your first step to a life of aromas and well-being.

€ 147 € 134,50

Put together your own kit, we have already added the most important oils to your shopping cart.

€ 211,33 € 158,50

The most practical set for beginners in 5ml bottles.

€ 430,33 € 315,25

The most practical set for beginners in 15ml bottles. With free Diffuser.

€ 185,00 € 138,75

Set of 7 oil blends designed to safely promote children's health.

€ 226,67 € 170,00

Discover the harmony of aromatherapy with the doTERRA AromaTouch Diffused Kit, your complete kit for an invigorating experience that now includes a free Petal v2.0 diffuser.

€ 334,67 € 251,00

Begin your journey to optimal health and wellness with the doTERRA Daily Habits Kit, your essential ally for daily vitality and energy.

€ 468,00 € 351,00

Create an atmosphere of conviviality with the doTERRA Together Kit, an essential oil set that brings natural harmony and well-being to any space.

€ 3,159,33 € 2,369,50

Begin your essential oil adventure with doTERRA's Oil Collection Kit, which offers a comprehensive collection of pure oils to expand your knowledge of oils.