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Are you ready to embark on a journey of personal growth and make a difference in people's lives?
As doTERRA Wellness Advocates, we are on a mission to empower others to take control of their health and wellness. And as we build our business, we also grow personally and spiritually and learn to become better leaders and more compassionate people. Are you ready to discover the transformative power of natural health solutions and heart-centered entrepreneurship? If so, keep reading and we'll show you how doTERRA is so much more than essential oils.

We are Monir and Tanja Daniels, Blue Diamond Wellness Advocates and invite you to join us on our mission to bring natural health solutions to people around the world.
We believe there are three types of motivations for starting a doTERRA business: earning back your own orders, supplementing your income, or building a successful career in the personal health and wellness industry, as we have done. Can you imagine the satisfaction of helping others become healthier and happier while building a successful business?


Who doesn't love freebies?

More money for vacations or hobbies, anyone?

How about financial freedom?

But why doTERRA, you ask? Well, we are not a typical Network Marketing company. We are a people-oriented company that cares deeply about the environment and everyone involved in the process, from the people working “in front of the bottle” to the end customers.
Through our co-Impact Sourcing and Healing Hands initiatives, we ensure that every step of the journey is as ethical and sustainable as possible. That means we work directly with the farmers and distillers who produce our oils to ensure they receive fair compensation and that the sourcing process is sustainable. Healing Hands, the philanthropic arm of doTERRA supports communities in need around the world and as a Wellness Advocate, you can actively participate in Healing Hands initiatives and even start your own!
What really sets doTERRA apart from all other similar organizations out there is its commitment to purity at all levels.
Speaking of which, when it comes to essential oils, doTERRA is the industry leader, with 100% pure Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) oils. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with products of the highest quality.
Trust us, your nose will smell the difference and your heart will feel the difference!

When you join us on our doTERRA journey, you'll work with like-minded people, benefit from our eight years of experience and build a business that puts heart and service at its core.
We are all about helping others become the best version of themselves while enjoying a healthy lifestyle and a growth mindset.

doTERRA is the network marketing opportunity for people who normally shiver at the thought of network marketing. Our business is not about selling as many products as possible – we guide people on their own journey to wellness. Moreover, our compensation plan is a self-empowerment journey in itself! Each step and grade represents overcoming personal obstacles or releasing limiting beliefs.

Working with us also means getting experienced mentoring and proven tools. We will help you on your path to develop your own path to build your business, using proven methods and strategies to attract the people you love to work with.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this exciting journey and let's make a difference together!

Remember when you were a child and you knew that you came into this life to change the world into something better? That's the kind of emotional trigger that drives us, and we believe it will drive you, too. It's time to revive that feeling! We invite you to join us on a journey of changing not only your own life, but also the lives of others.

Being successful in doTERRA means freeing yourself to live life on your own terms. You can manage your own schedule, choose the people you want to work with and build a steady income that can last for decades. You will develop leadership skills and become the leader of your own life and business. In addition, you get to attend conventions and leadership trainings in the most beautiful places in Europe.

Working with us means being part of a warm, supportive (and fun!) team where you can grow at your own pace.
No sales experience? No problem!
We train you along the way with our proven system. We create wonderful events (physical and online) for like-minded people to connect with each other and strengthen our network, and you can participate in them! Together we are stronger, and we guarantee that with us you will never feel alone on your journey, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to build a business you will be proud of.

Yess, I want to start with doTERRA, now what?

Of course you can enrol right away with one of the starter kits and start right away, but it might be nicer if you come by first at a workshop or with us over coffee so you can get a feel for who we are and if there is a click. Especially if you want to build a business we are going to do a lot of working together and having fun! So for us, partnership and friendship go hand in hand!
Call, chat or email, we would love to hear from you. Take the step now, the universe loves action!

Benefits of signing up with Tanja & Monir (Team AromaPro's)

Tanja in Kenya where Cinnamon bark is distilled.

I am so inspired by doTERRA and its essential oils that I have been able to expand my coaching practice to include doTERRA's natural tools. My clients benefit from the use of the essential oils, which enhances and enriches the coaching experience. This leads to a more successful life with more harmony and joy in life.

My super motivating upline leaders Tanja and Monir have become my friends over the years, actively supporting and encouraging me not only privately but also professionally. We meet as equals and complement each other's skills and talents. This exchange is so immensely valuable and enriching that I would not want to miss it in my life.

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