Medical Disclaimer

The information on this website is not intended to replace services or information provided by trained (medical) professionals and/or health care providers, such as (general) practitioners, medical specialists, emergency services, (acute) mental health care providers, physiotherapists and psychotherapists. The information on this website nor the possibilities for use can be seen as a replacement for medical or other professional help, care, support or information provision and is not intended as an aid in making a (self) diagnosis. The information is intended as general information and is not specifically aimed at one individual person or one specific medical situation of, for example, the site visitor or someone in his/her environment. This means that visitors cannot attach any diagnostic or therapeutic value to the information for their own medical situation or that of others.
In cases of illness, medical complaints, treatments or research, the information is only intended as support. The information on this website can serve as support in such situations:

a. the contact between the visitor (or his/her family member or other next of kin) and his/her therapist, treating doctor or other care provider and
b. any advice received from the latter.

Visitors are advised to present medical questions, complaints or symptoms to the treating physician or other healthcare professional in a timely manner in order to receive professional examination, diagnosis and possible medical care. Visitors are advised never to delay seeking professional care or to disregard medical advice already obtained based on (online) information.
In case of acute medical complaints or psychological problems and in case of aggravation of complaints or symptoms, visitors are advised to contact their own (family) physician or the emergency number immediately.

‘Self-care information’ is not personal advice

In a number of cases the information contains ‘(self-care) advice’. This ‘advice’ in no way constitutes direct medical advice and in no way relates specifically to the individual medical situation of the visitor or person for whom this information is sought on this website.
The self-care recommendations should be seen as general guidelines that apply to non-serious, common and everyday complaints. Because complications can also occur with these less serious complaints, it is important that visitors seek medical professional help when in doubt or if the complaints persist or increase. Even where it concerns information with regard to the use of (self-care) supplements, it does not concern medical advice or information that specifically relates to the individual medical situation of the visitor or someone for whom he/she is seeking information on this website.

Medical questions

As AromaPro does not provide medical advice in a direct (e.g. by phone or e-mail) or indirect way, which is meant to replace professional medical advice, no e-mails from visitors will be answered which concern questions or requests, for instance about medical/psychological complaints, choice of treatment or results of certain (medical) care.


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