Roll-on recipes with your 10 basic oils

There are so many different possibilities, to combine the oils from your starter set with each other.

Below are roll-on recipes that we in our family use the most.
We prefer to use 5ml roll-ons with metal roller-ball. The recipes are designed accordingly.
If you prefer to work with 10ml roll-ons, you can double the number of drops.
We use fractionated coconut oil (fco) as our base oil because it has no odor of its own, is very liquid and long-lasting, and absorbs quickly.

You can use your roll on to apply your oil mixture directly where needed. Good other places for application are under the feet (especially in smaller children, this is the only place where you could apply essential oils to the skin), as well as on the neck, on the wrist and over the spine.

After application, remember to inhale the oils from your hand or wrists each time.