Hooray, your oils are here!

And now? What you should especially NOT do is leave the bottles closed ­čśâ
First open all the bottles and smell them and see, what the scents do to you.
Perhaps there is a scent, which you immediately love. Well, take that one first, put water in your diffuser (up to the red dot) about 6 drops of the oil, turn it on and enjoy.
And now you sit down relaxed with a cup of coffee or tea by your side and read through everything in peace, which you were given in your packet.

If all goes well, in addition to your Basic kit (Home Essentials Kit or Family Essentials kit or one of the other kits) also the ordered fractionated coconut oil, the Petal diffuser (included in the Home Essentials kit), 3 Roll-Ons, 3 Spray bottles and the Veggie Caps (empty capsules for internal application of your oils).
If you haven't, hopefully you have another base oil in the house, because you want to dilute your oils with base oil before using them on your skin. This is better for your skin and the essential oils evaporate less quickly, allowing your body to absorb more oil.

Diluting = always smart!

Look further into the text for a dilution chart.

Below are recipes for in the diffuser, for roll-on's, sprays and Veggie caps, which you can make with your new oils.

Recipes for your Aroma diffuser

The easiest and safest form of aromatherapy is using essential oils in the diffuser. Always use a high-quality cold water mist diffuser. High quality oils dissolve plastic – cheap diffusers break down quickly, also my experience is that cheap diffusers get hot. Websites like Wish and Aliexpress entice with nice prices more you can be sure you will get, what you pay for. Cheap = expensive. I have been using the Petal for many years now and it still runs. We also now have a diffuser in every room of our house.
But start quietly – crazy will come by itself later ­čśâ

DIY Roll On recipes

There are so many different possibilities, to combine the oils from your starter set with each other. I give you below the roll-on recipes we use most often.
Preferably, I use 5ml roll-ons with metal roller-ball. My recipes are tailored accordingly. If you prefer to work with 10ml roll-ons, double the drops.
As a base oil, I use fractionated coconut oil (fco) because it has no odor of its own, is very liquid and absorbs quickly. But you can also use other base oils. The shelf life of the base oil (or also carrier oil) is determined by the Vitamin E content.
If you want to make a roll on last longer, you might want to consider adding extra Vitamin E. In my experience, however, this is not necessary. We in our family usually make the roll our within a few weeks.

DIY Spray recipes

Sprays can be made water-based (distilled water or cooled boiled water) with possibly a dash of vodka or hamamelis extract or a pinch of salt or a very small amount of liquid soap – depending on what you want to use the spray for. Then the oils emulsify better with the water.

You can also make oil-based sprays with fractionated coconut oil. Other base oils are often too thick and then the spray head clogs up. Sometimes I also mix water with a little oil, such as for sprays for hair.
Very good is also to use the neutral Hand and Body lotion with distilled water mixed in a spray. Aloe Vera gel can also be used. You have plenty of options here!

Sprays with water should always be shaken well before use because the essential oil floats on top of the water.

Veggie Caps recipes

Right from the start, I was excited about making my own capsules with the oils.
It really is not difficult and the benefits are phenomenal. Of course, you can buy ready-made capsules, but the adventurer in me likes to experiment and make my own.

Veggie caps are only suitable for adults. What I mean by this: DO NOT USE FOR CHILDREN.

Here I give you my most used Veggie caps recipes.

Please note that the Veggie caps dissolve quite quickly, you should always make the capsules fresh and take them immediately. I usually supplement with olive oil.
For this I have a 15ml bottle with a pipette ready.

Dilution Overview

Much more is possible with the oils from your base kit.
I would love to hear about your experiences and wish you much pleasure with your first order.

Tanja Daniels