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  • Petal Diffuser

     60,00 Accessories

    2 and 6 hours continuous and 12 hours intermittent (5 min on, 5 min off) diffuser settings.
    Optional lighting settings: night light or no light.
    Ultrafine mist reaches an area of up to 30 m².
    Simple, 3-piece diffuser is easy and convenient to use.

  • AromaPro Mountain View Diffuser

     25,00 Diffusers

    The AromaPro Mountain View diffuser is a small diffuser with surprisingly powerful emissions, useful for use in bedrooms, children’s rooms and the office.

  • AromaPro Waterless Diffuser

     89,00 AromaPro

    1. Anhydrous diffuser for pure essential oil, wireless, refillable and portable.
    2. Air extraction technology is used to preserve the characteristics of essential oils.
    3. Physically diffusing odor without heating or using water.
    4. Removable atomizer: easy to clean and replace different essential oils.
    5. Tempered glass surface, multifunctional touch-sensitive power button, touch-sensitive intermittent mode button.

  • doTERRA Elephant Diffuser

     37,50 Blend for Kids
  • Passive diffuser

     3,50 Accessories
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