doTERRA sets the Gold Standard in Essential Oils

At the doTERRA Europe Convention in May 2024, one of the highlights was undoubtedly the presentation by Dr. Russell Osguthorpe, Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA International. He shared fascinating insights about the consistency and quality of doTERRA's essential oils, making clear why doTERRA is considered the gold standard in the industry. Here are the main points of his speech:

Consistency is the Key

Dr. Osguthorpe began his presentation with an impressive chart depicting six years of lavender production. Each bar on the graph represents the percentage of linalool in a given batch of lavender. Linalool is one of the most important chemical compounds in lavender. What stood out was the minimal deviation of only 1.5% between batches. This means that the linalool content in doTERRA's lavender oil varies only 1.5% from year to year, batch to batch, bottle to bottle and drop to drop. This consistency ensures reliable quality you can rely on every day.

The ISO Standard: A Fake Standard

Dr. Osguthorpe went on to explain why consistency is so important by referring to International Standard Organization (ISO) international standards. According to the ISO standard, the linalool content in lavender may vary between 20% and 45%. This is a huge margin and, according to Dr. Osguthorpe, useless for consumers who depend on the therapeutic properties of essential oils. He stressed that such wide margins only benefit the perfume industry, not the users who expect quality and effectiveness.

The Superiority of doTERRA

However, doTERRA's essential oils, such as lavender, are produced to a much stricter standard. Dr. Osguthorpe presented data showing that the standard deviation of linalool in their lavender oil is only 1.15%. This level of consistency is unprecedented in the industry and validates doTERRA's claim of the purest and most consistent essential oils in the world.

Safety and Effectiveness

To further illustrate the importance of consistency, Dr. Osguthorpe gave an example from the pharmaceutical industry. Medications are allowed a 5% variation in their dosage, while doTERRA's standard for lavender oil allows a variation of only 1%. This means that if you buy 100 milligrams of a substance, doTERRA's variation would only be 101 or 99 milligrams, compared to the 95 to 105 milligrams allowed in the pharmaceutical industry.

Real Results for Families

Dr. Osguthorpe emphasized how these high standards ensure the effectiveness and safety of essential oils, which is crucial for users looking for reliable results. He described a scenario in which a mother uses lavender oil to soothe her daughter. With doTERRA's guarantee of consistency, she can be confident that the same dosage will have the same calming effect every time.

Scientifically Substantiated Efficacy

In addition, Dr. Osguthorpe presented clinical data on the use of doTERRA's Serenity sleep system. A six-week clinical trial showed that this system could reverse the brain's biological age by seven years through improved sleep quality. These impressive results underscore the effectiveness of doTERRA's products.

You can trust the quality of doTERRA

doTERRA sets the gold standard in the world of essential oils by offering unparalleled consistency and purity. With strict standards that surpass even the pharmaceutical industry, users can trust the safety and effectiveness of doTERRA's products. Dr. Russell Osguthorpe's presentation at the doTERRA Europe Convention 2024 emphasized these points in a powerful and compelling way.

With this data and insight, you can choose doTERRA with confidence, knowing that you are using the most reliable essential oils on the market.


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