What is Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil?

Lemon myrtle trees are medium-sized with dark green, lance-shaped leaves that remain on the tree throughout the year. From summer to fall, creamy white flowers grow in clusters at the end of the branches.

The essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the tree. Although the leaves can be harvested year-round, it is best not to do so during the wet season. After harvesting, the leaves are distilled immediately to ensure the highest quality oil.

What is Lemon Myrtle good for?

Citral, known for its cleansing properties, is the main chemical constituent of Lemon Myrtle. Use Lemon Myrtle to cleanse the skin or surfaces or purify the air. Always dilute Lemon Myrtle with a carrier oil to minimize skin sensitivity.

Sweet, lemony, and slightly spicy, the aroma of Lemon Myrtle is simultaneously soothing and uplifting to the mood.

Usage tips

  • For a DIY all-purpose cleaner, add a few drops of Lemon Myrtle and Wild Orange to a spray bottle with water and white vinegar.
  • Spray to purify the air and support a sense of well-being.
  • Add 1 drop to your facial cleanser or moisturizer for enhanced purifying action and added fragrance.

Where does Lemon Myrtle come from?

Lemon myrtle trees are native to Australia and originate from the subtropical and tropical east coast of Australia, 50-800 meters above sea level. Aboriginal (indigenous) Australians and Torres Straight Islanders have long used Lemon Myrtle for various purposes.

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Lemon myrtle is native to Australia and has a long tradition as an herbal remedy. Lemon myrtle has a primary cleansing effect, but also promotes feelings of positivity and calmness.

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