Oil Magic Emotions Team Training

We invite you to join us for the Oil Magic Emotions Event – Achieving Emotional Balance! This is a two-part series where you will learn about this fabulous new emotion regulation tool and improve both your business and multiplication model to find a path to success on your doTERRA journey.
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Oil Magic Emotions Event

What to expect:

Part 1: Daily Emotions Demystified: Navigate, Manage and Thrive.

28th of February 19:30 CET
Part 1 is for ANYONE who wants to learn how to manage emotional stress and develop greater emotional intelligence, resilience and stability. Discover how important balanced emotions are to your health and well-being and learn how to use the Oil Magic Emotions book and compass.

Part 2: Effectively Educate, Empower and Enrol like a Pro!

29th of February 19:30 CET
Sharing oils with others – made easy with Magic Emotions! . Dive into the compass as an enrolment tool and gain insights into navigating emotions and a better understanding of essential oils. Empower yourself and your doTERRA team, explore the user concept and use the Oil Magic Emotions book effectively to enrol with ease. Discover advanced strategies and expertly introduce people to the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

In this two-evening live event, organized SPECIFICALLY for our team, you'll learn an elaborate class deck for engaging in-person and virtual presentations to ensure an impactful educational experience with powerful visuals and compelling content.
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Benefits for you and your doTERRA business:
– Improve your leadership skills through emotional intelligence.
– Build a collaborative team environment and a thriving doTERRA community.
– Grow your online influence through effective courses and social media strategies.