doTERRA Bergamot Mint (Mint) Essential Oil (15ml)



Soft and minty with a hint of citrus, the wonderful aroma of Bergamot Mint essential oil creates an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, inspiration, soothing and refreshing.

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Usage tips:

  • Use Bergamot Mint with lotion, soap, or other personal care products
  • Spray during the day or evening for a comforting environment
  • Add a few drops to your bath or massage
  • Put a few drops on a cotton ball or small passive diffuser to place in your car or linen closet.
  • Comb a drop or two into your hair to carry the scent with you all day.

What is Bergamot Mint?

Bergamot mint, despite its name, is in no way related to the bergamot fruit; rather, it comes from a flowering perennial herb that is part of the Lamiaceae (mint) family. The essential oil, commonly found in many personal care products, is steam distilled from the leaves and stems of the Mentha citrata plant.

How to use doTERRA Bergamot mint

Fresh, gently minty, and slightly citrusy, Bergamot Mint essential oil can be used aromatically and topically. Bergamot Mint is perfect for diffusing after a hard day or at bedtime. It can also be a wonderfully soothing addition to a comforting massage or warm bath.

The calming, inspiring aroma of Bergamot Mint is also effective in purifying the air of stale or unpleasant odors. Diffuse it or add a few drops to a small spray bottle with water to make a refreshing, clean-smelling cream spray.

Another simple and easy way to use Bergamot Mint is to use it with the unscented doTERRA Spa Lotion. Just put a drop or two of Bergamot Mint in your palm, add a little lotion, and lather up. This can be especially useful for a comforting aroma at bedtime. Bergamot Mint is relatively gentle on the skin and is ideal for topical blends.

What are the benefits of Bergamot Mint Essential Oil?

The two main chemical constituents found in Bergamot Mint oil are linalool and linalyl acetate, which research studies indicate are calming and uplifting. The aroma of Bergamot Mint creates a relaxing, soothing, restorative atmosphere.

What does Bergamot Mint Oil smell like?

Bergamot mint essential oil is also called orange mint and has a slight citrusy twist to an otherwise soft, minty, almost floral aroma. Ideal for inhaling and diffusing, Bergamot Mint blends well with Basil, citrus, and floral oils such as Lavender, Rose, and Ylang Ylang. The aroma is also delicious on its own.

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