We would all like to be healthier, look better, and live in balance physically, mentally and emotionally.
We are all unique when it comes to our life purpose, wishes, desires, beliefs and even our physical body type. And yet a good and healthy life is the common dream of almost the entire world!

But how much attention and time do you allow yourself each day to achieve this goal? Do you have the right tools and guidance to support your path to wellness?

With the Wellness Day you receive a day all to yourself, to recharge, connect with others, let go of old habits and come back home to yourself, to who YOU REALLY are.

In addition to a heart full of inspiration, you will go home with a practical plan of action for the next 3 months, a changed mindset on your way to an intentional life.

Whatever your goals, with good self-care and a practical roadmap, you can keep the important things in your life in focus while reminding yourself that you are strong, worthy and capable of anything!

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doTERRA AromaPro Wellness Day Sat. March 18, 2023


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