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doTERRA Lavender (Lavender) Touch roller (10ml)

Widely used for its soothing properties, Lavender Touch provides soothing comfort to the skin while relaxing the mind.

doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil (15ml)

Create an energetic, happy environment? A natural cleaning agent? Lemon oil from doTERRA has these properties and many more. Lemon's purifying and refreshing properties make it the most versatile oil.

doTERRA Lemon Eucalyptus (Lemon Eucalyptus) Essential Oil (15ml)

Lemon Eucalyptus is cleansing and uplifting, native to northern Australia and known for its refreshing, lemon-scented aroma.

doTERRA Lemongrass (Lemongrass) Essential Oil (15ml)

Lemongrass, a favorite oil for massages, offers a sharp, smoky aroma that is enlightening. This oil is also naturally insect repellent.

doTERRA Lime (Lime) Essential Oil (15ml)

With its stimulating and refreshing properties, Lime improves mood and cleanses both the air, skin and our internal system. The essential oil has a strong citrus scent and gives energy.

doTERRA Magnolia Touch roller (10ml)

Magnolia has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and is known for its emotional benefits. Now in convenient Touch roller.

doTERRA Marjoram (Marjoram) Essential Oil (15ml)

Marjoram is known as a symbol of joy and happiness in ancient cultures. DoTERRA essential oil also supports a healthy cardiovascular and immune system. It is soothing to the muscles and beneficial to the respiratory system.

doTERRA Melissa (Melissa) Essential Oil (5ml)

Melissa is often used to relieve tension and promote relaxation. Melissa is one of doTERRA's most rare and expensive oils.

doTERRA Myrrh (Myrrh) Essential Oil (15ml)

Myrrh is known for powerful cleansing properties. It is also an excellent soothing oil for the skin, promotes smooth, youthful-looking skin and promotes emotional balance and well-being.

doTERRA Neroli Touch roller (10ml)

Soothing to the skin, Neroli Touch is specially formulated with fractionated coconut oil to provide a positive, calming experience when applied to the skin.

doTERRA Oregano Essential Oil (15ml)

Oregano is known as a popular cooking herb and is also a powerful cleanser. Oregano can be used to maintain healthy immune function.

doTERRA Oregano Touch roller (10ml)


Known as a popular cooking herb, oregano is also a powerful cleanser and is a powerful antioxidant. Now in the convenient Touch roller.