Usage tips

  • Keep Thinker handy in your purse or your child's backpack and apply it in the afternoon to stay on task.
  • Roll onto wrists or hands and inhale deeply to promote a sense of clarity and alertness.
  • Use Thinker to brighten your child's mood when you are experiencing feelings of sadness or stress.
  • Promote learning and support creativity by applying Thinker while studying.

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Stay on task, feel alert and focused, and avoid distractions – that's what Thinker is designed to help you do. Thinker can help with mental energy while promoting a stronger sense of concentration, especially when there are many distractions. Spicy and slightly sweet, the unique aroma helps provide a sense of clarity in times of confusion.

The base aroma of this blend is essential oil of Vetiver, which is useful for promoting concentration.

Peppermint helps relieve feelings of stress and sadness while keeping you alert when performing challenging tasks.

Rosemary increases feelings of alertness, and experimental research suggests it may help recall previously learned material when inhaled.

Clementine is included in this blend because of its high concentration of the chemical constituent limonene. Limonene is known in chemistry as uplifting and stimulating. The monoterpene, best known for its presence in citrus oils, has a long list of benefits, only one of which is its ability to provide an emotional boost when you need it.

Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine, and Rosemary essential oils come together to help you focus your mind and heart when you need it most.


doTERRA Thinker Kids Focus Blend


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Ideal for everyone from children to adults, Thinker is a natural way to feel more focused. Designed to create a sense of alertness and clarity, Thinker is the perfect go-to when it’s time to pay attention and focus.

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doTERRA Thinker Kids Focus Blend

Availability: In stock