Experience the Magic of Essential Oils

How nature can support your vitality!

doTERRA - the natural health revolution

We live in a time when alternative health concepts are more readily available. As a conscious consumer, you often ask yourself: With so many choices out there, who can I trust?

If you are looking for simple, safe and powerful solutions to your health challenges and those of your family, your personal experience with doTERRA products may be the answer! After you personally experience the powerful benefits of essential oils from doTERRA, you’ll understand why dōTERRA is revolutionizing the way families can take care of their health.

Use of essential oils from doTERRA

Whether you are applying doTERRA essential oils to the skin, enjoying their aromatic benefits, or using them internally – essential oils give you the ability to confidently take responsibility for your health and that of your family in every application.

Everyone has already been introduced to essential oils – Spearmint in gum, Tea Tree in hair care products, Lavender in soap and Peppermint in toothpaste.

doTERRA - therapeutically pure essential oils

Pure essential oils from doTERRA are revolutionizing healthcare and increasing overall well-being. Because of the CTPG certification (Certified Pure Tested Grade), the oils can be used safely.

Pure essential oils from doTERRA are natural aromatic compounds from flowers, seeds, bark, stems, roots and other parts of a plant. The scent can be beautiful and intense at the same time. If you’ve ever smelled the scent of fresh roses, enjoyed a walk near a lavender field, or the smell of freshly cut peppermint, then you’ve experienced the aromatic properties of essential oils.

DoTERRA oils can support physical responses, improve mood, calm senses, and induce intense emotional responses. However, determining the quality and effectiveness of an essential oil from doTERRA goes far beyond how appealing its scent is.

The selection of essential oils from doTERRA is amazing and each oil has different ingredients that support the body and mind in different ways. Discover the oils from doTERRA.

What are the benefits of essential oils from doTERRA?

Millions of people have discovered the health-promoting effects of doTERRA’s pure essential oils and use them in their daily lives. You often hear the following reasons why essential oils are indispensable in everyday life:

– Efficient and natural detox

– Improves skin appearance/toning

– Support of muscles and joints

– Sleep well / sleep in

– Support of digestion

– Support of the immune system

– Healthy respiratory function

– More positive feelings

– Less stress

– Better focus and concentration


Spray into the air with a diffuser or inhale from your hands

Inhaling an essential oil aroma can have a profound effect on your body, your emotions and your respiratory system. The simplest way of aromatic application of doTERRA oils is atomization with a diffuser.

External use on the skin

When used externally, essential oils are applied to certain parts of the body, e.g. the skin, hair, fingernails or toenails. Therapeutic effects occur both in the affected areas and through blood flow in various body organs.

Internal use by ingesting the oils

DoTERRA oils can also be used internally because of their pure quality. The oil can be dripped under the tongue, taken with a spoonful of honey, filled into capsules and swallowed, or simply drink 1-2 drops of oil with a glass of water.

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