Shiny Happy Me Challenge

Do you also feel that the past year shot by way too quickly and you had too little time for yourself?
Would you like to start the new year with a fine energy for yourself?
Do you also think it's a cool idea to join a free detox challenge?
A great way to learn healthy habits and give your body and head a more than deserved “reset”? Have a finer, lovelier relationship with yourself after 30 days?

You get:

We are doing this challenge with a group on facebook starting January 1 (but you can join later if you like). The only condition is that you actively participate and reserve 30 minutes for yourself every day. You don't necessarily need extra foods, oils or supplements but you can use them if you want extra support. You will get plenty of tips for this.

What you get from us:

You decide how many of the challenges you take on or what you like or don't like.
Because. this whole Shiny Happy Me Challenge is about taking good care of yourself and giving your body extra attention.

Sign up through the Facebook group and get recipes, a cool morning routine and more:

Shiny Happy Me - products for support

Start with us for free on Jan. 1 or join as soon as you can.

This challenge is completely free and can be done without any products.

If you really want to get the most out of this challenge then we recommend one of the following product packages appropriate to your budget.

Lots of fun in advance and we'll see you in the Facebook group!