Ordering American Products

Hi Team,We are totally excited about the new doTERRA oils and understand that it is very frustrating to have to wait until June 2018. That is why we have come up with a solution together with Olaf! Olaf’s son lives in America and is registered with doTERRA. He wants to help us by ordering the new oils there and then sending a package to the Netherlands! We are happy to do this order for you but know that it will be a bit more expensive (12%) than the prices you will pay in the Netherlands in June 2018.

  • checkThe order in the USA first receives the American VAT of 9%.
  • checkSending an insured parcel with DHL will cost around 120 Euros
  • checkIn the Netherlands, customs will almost certainly charge 21% VAT + Customs & Clearance 4.2% + 13.50 admin
  • checkAfter that, the orders still need to be distributed here in the Netherlands

Order the oils you would like to have below until wednesday october 25 23:59. After sending you will receive an email and make sure you transfer the amount immediately to account: NL18 INGB 0009 0598 84 Attn: Mr.. Olaf SchweitzPleaseleave the payment description blank, so no doTERRA reverence please!

All orders whose money is received by Friday morning will be included in this order. All other orders are cancelled.

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