A gift for you – Thank you

Now you can download your meditation gift and get started right away!

We advise you to use it daily, or when you need it. Of course, it is difficult to consciously make time for this in our busy lives. And yet it is often a matter of changing your perspective about relaxation. If you start to see it as a gift, a moment when you can come to yourself in your busy life, then it is often easier. Let it be a moment you are looking forward to instead of an extra job on your to-do-list. And even if you can’t make time to meditate every day, keep it up and practice regularly; relaxation will always benefit you and your child. You can use your favourite oil, put a drop in your palm and inhale before you start your relaxation routine. Soon your brain will recognise the smell and send relaxing signals to your body. If you do not have the time to listen to the meditation, enjoy the aroma of your oil and you will see that your body and mind can already relax, only by using an essential oil.

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