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5 Tips to get the most out of your LLV & Terrazyme


1. Take daily
Of course, it is most beneficial when you take your LLV daily.
I know, “life goes on” and we can sometimes forget things, but with a few tricks you can quickly make it a habit. Take it every day at a set time.
Preferably not too late in the day because then you may have too much energy in the evening.

2. At a Meal
Take it with a meal, as this helps with absorption and also improves the action of some of the elements.

3. Easily accessible
At our house, I put the LLV in a boxed tea box, that way it is on the kitchen counter and easily accessible.

4. Get used to it quietly
Let your body slowly get used to the particular efficient nutrients, start with half a dose and then build up.
I have a busy life and therefore a tendency to forget the second intake of my LLV. Hence, I take 3 capsules of each of the LLV ingredients once a day, usually in the morning, with my breakfast, and 1 capsule of Terrazyme with it. At this I feel excellent and if I do think of taking the second later in the day, I take 1 more capsule of each, along with 1 capsule of Terrazyme.

5. Terrazyme with it
And my final tip to you is: take your LLV along with a capsule of TerraZyme! These are important Food Enzymes that help you, get the most out of your food, as well as your dietary supplement!

I wish you as fine an experience with your Lifelong Vitality package as we have.
In fact, I know you're going to have one!



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