Lemon and cardiovascular health

Lemon essential oil is a very popular essential oil that is valued for its wide range of health benefits. Due to its huge popularity, it has consistently been a focus of academic studies as researchers around the world strive to explore the profound effects of using lemon essential oil better. A recent study conducted by Korean scientists examined the effect of lemon essential oil and isolated limonene (the primary constituent of lemon essential oil) on a model of cardiovascular health.

Their findings showed that lemon essential oil offers the greatest cardiovascular benefit, even more than limonene alone. This suggests that other, less important components of lemon essential oil are at least partly responsible for the observed positive cardiovascular effects. The study authors went on to conclude that lemon essential oil benefits cardiovascular health through its powerful antioxidant properties. These findings, while inconclusive, point to the need to explore the potential cardioprotective effects of lemon essential oil to further investigate.*


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