With all the excitement around Copaiba, you may have heard of beta-caryophyllene. But did you know that beta-caryophyllene can also be found in essential oils from Black Pepper, Clove, Melissa en Rosemary? Read on to learn more about the benefits behind this powerful ingredient.

What is beta-caryophyllene?

Beta-caryophyllene is a bicyclic sesquiterpene. A sesquiterpene is made up of 15 carbon atoms and 24 hydrogen atoms. Sesquiterpenes can have a straight chain, one ring, or, as is the case with beta-caryophyllene, two rings. Therefore, beta-caryophyllene is considered to be bicyclic.

Benefits of beta-caryophyllene

While there is still much to learn about beta-caryophyllene, scientific research has uncovered some great potential benefits.

Internal use:

  • May support a healthy nervous system based on experimental research.
  • May help support the cardiovascular system based on experimental research.
  • May support the digestive system based on experimental research.
  • In vivo research has shown that oral administration of beta-caryophyllene can support a healthy response of the inflammatory and immune system.

Local use:

  • May have cleaning properties based on experimental research.
  • May help maintain youthful-looking skin, based on experimental research.

Using Beta-Caryophyllene

Given the many benefits that beta-caryophyllene has to offer, you may be wondering how to add this powerful natural compound to your routine. Check out the list below for some possible ideas.

  • For information, Copaiba Soft gels in the morning.
  • Add Black Pepper of Rosemary to your favorite chicken recipe.
  • Add a few drops Melissa to your facial lotion.
  • Put a few drops Copaiba essential oil in your do-it-yourself cleaner.

Beta-Caryophyllene in your life

As one of the main chemical components in many essential oils, beta-caryophyllene has a lot to offer. Whether you're looking for extra heart and blood vessel support or want to boost the cleansing effect of your homemade cleanser, beta-caryophyllene has you covered.