Deep Blue from dōTERRA

Are you an athlete? Do you suffer from tension due to a busy life? Then this blend is the oil you must have at home. Deep Blue from dōTERRA is a composition of different oils that in this combination create a soothing blend. Perfect for a massage after a long day or an intense workout. Deep Blue has a cooling effect, gives strength and can support healthy muscles and joints.

This blend from dōTERRA contains well-known oils that are used for their soothing properties. The oils you will find in this blend are: Wintergreen, PeppermintYlang Ylang, Camphor, Helichrysum, Blue Chamomile, Blue Tansy and Osmanthus.

The effect of Deep Blue

In a recent study, dōTERRA examined the effect of Deep Blue on human skin cells. By adding certain factors to cultured skin cells, the researchers induced a cellular response to mimic an inflammatory response in a living person. Some of the inflamed skin cells were exposed to the oil and others were left alone.

After exposure to the oil, the cells were collected and opened. The results indicate that the signaling pathways related to inflammation, immune modulation and wound healing are affected in the cells that were exposed to Deep Blue. This helps explain why this blend is soothing after strenuous exercise.

Emotional support

This oil can also be used to support people who are avoiding the underlying emotions of physical discomfort. Deep Blue gives you power to heal “emotional wounds”, creating space for transformation and healing. This soothing composition can support the mind to remain calm despite emotional or physical challenges. This keeps your mind clear when facing danger or discomfort.

Basically, Deep Blue helps you to accept and tolerate things and situations. Discomfort is not always cruel or bad, but a teacher. Instead of resisting the situation, it is important to embrace the lessons that life is trying to teach you. By providing space and understanding for the cause, this blend encourages you to take on the life lessons.

Apply Deep Blue yourself

  1. Muscles, back and joints: Use 1-2 drops of oil to massage the sore spot.
  2. Blood Circulation: Use 1-2 drops of Deep Blue and 1-2 drops of AromaTouch to promote blood circulation in the legs.
  3. Joints: Use 1-2 drops to massage the area of application. Apply to shoulders, knees, elbows and other areas for a soothing effect. Also use the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex daily. Read more here.
  4. Muscles: Use 1-2 drops of Deep Blue & PastTense for extra support before and after exercise.
  5. Growing children: As children grow up and experience growing pains, use the Deep Blue Rub to massage the sore areas.
  6. Letting Go: Inhaling 1 drop of Deep Blue, Eucalyptus and Cypress helps release “emotional pain”.
  7. Power: Mix 1 drop of this blend and Breathe oil, and inhale before exercise.

Other products

From this blend, several products are made to support a strenuous life.

  • Rub 4oz & 1 liter pump: This cream is used the same as the oil. A little bit helps a lot.
  • Polyphenol Complex®: This is an herbal compound that acts on the system from within the body. Follow the instructions on the package. It can be taken daily.
  • 10 ml Roller: This roller makes applying the oil easier, because it can be applied directly to the spot.
  • Touch Soothing Blend: This is also a roller. In this roller, the oil is diluted so that it remains longer on the surface and longer to give its strength.