Veggie cap recipes with your top 10 oils

Not everyone dares to use essential oils internally. You read a lot of warnings online. And rightly so! Most oils available on the market are absolutely not suitable for internal use, as they are not 100% pure.

Although internal use of oils is a mystery to some, research has shown that there is a myriad of safe and beneficial internal uses for essential oils. Moreover, the internal use of essential oils offers a number of exclusive benefits to the body that can be achieved neither by aromatic nor external application.

I was excited about making my own capsules with the oils right from the start. It’s really not difficult and the benefits are phenomenal.

Veggie caps are only suitable for adults. What I’m trying to say is: DO NOT USE FOR CHILDREN.

Here we give you our most used Veggie caps recipes.

Please note that the Veggie caps dissolve quite quickly, you should always make the capsules fresh and take them immediately. I usually fill caps up with olive oil. For this I have a 15ml bottle with a pipette ready.

Veggie cap recipes

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