Spray recipes with your 10 basic oils

Sprays can be made on a water basis (distilled water or cooled boiled water) with possibly a dash of vodka or hamamelis extract or a pinch of salt or a very small amount of liquid soap - depending on what you want to use the spray for. Then the oils emulsify better with the water.

You can also make oil-based sprays with fractionated coconut oil. Other base oils are often too thick and clog the spray head.
For some applications you can also mix water with a little oil, for example for sprays for the hair. Mixing water with neutral hand & body lotion for sprays is also an option!

Sprays with water should always be shaken well before use, because the essential oil floats on top of the water.

Air freshener sprays

Cleaning sprays

Body care sprays

Hair care sprays