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Connect with the deep peace of nature

Natural, woody scents have always had a special place in our lives. They evoke associations with nature, tranquility and spirituality. This is also exactly what doTERRA Guaiacwood (Guaiac-hout), or Palo Santo, has to offer.
Guaiacwood comes from the Bulnesia sarmientoi tree, which grows in the Gran Chaco forests of Paraguay, South America. The wood of the tree has been used for centuries in rituals and ceremonies of indigenous people. They call the tree “Palo Santo,” which means sacred wood. The well-known incense stick “Palo Santo” comes from the Bursera graveolens tree and is separate from Guaiacwood Bulnesia sarmientoi. Although the oils have some similarities, they are distinguished by their different chemical composition and aroma. Palo Santo made from Bursera graveolens has a long and tumultuous history regarding sustainability and illegal harvesting.

However, dōTERRA Guaiacwood (Guaiac-hout) (Bulnesia sarmientoi) can be harvested and produced sustainably.

dōTERRA Sourcing - the work behind the bottle, for pure results at all levels

At doTERRA, we are aware of the spiritual and cultural significance of Palo Santo and respect these traditions. Therefore, we work with local communities to harvest and produce the wood in a sustainable and ethical manner. This not only preserves the ecosystem and biodiversity, but also creates jobs and economic development for local people.

We pride ourselves on working with local communities and preserving traditions and the ecosystem. At doTERRA, we believe that sustainability and ethical production contribute to a healthier world for all of us.

The trees are harvested in a sustainable manner to protect the natural environment and support the economy of local communities.

The Gran Chaco Forest is unfortunately one of the most rapidly deforested areas in the world. Paraguay has regulations and policies that help minimize deforestation, yet much of the forest has already been cleared and continues to be cleared for grazing cattle and other agricultural products. Currently, more than 100,000 kg of guaiac wood oil is produced and exported from Paraguay each year, mainly for the fragrance and perfume industry. With such large export volumes and little oversight, it is hard to believe that much of it is done legally or sustainably.
doTERRA works in Paraguay with a reliable and transparent partner, who has established ethical Sourcing of guaiac wood oil. Our Sourcing Partner is the only company certified by the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT). Sustainable sourcing through well-managed forests helps preserve and restore forested areas. The Guaiacwood distillery is located near the El Cerrito School. El Cerrito is a vocational boarding school for teenagers aimed at developing trade skills and developing agricultural products. The doTERRA Sourcing partner has agreed to donate a portion of all income from Paraguay to El Cerrito School.

The essential oil is produced by steam distillation of wood from the stems or branches. If the essential oil remains at room temperature after distillation, it becomes semisolid. Therefore, doTERRA Guaiacwood comes in a base of fractionated Coconut Oil, giving the oil a consistency that allows it to be easily dripped from the bottle.

Application of Guaicawood

The use of guaiacwood in spiritual practices dates back centuries. The ancient Incas, Mayans and Aztecs used the wood to purify their temples and promote spiritual visions. It was also used for healing ceremonies and to aid in communication with the spirit world. Today, Guaiacwood is still used for these purposes, and doTERRA Guaiacwood (Guaiac-hout) is a powerful and authentic source of this spiritual experience. Besides the spiritual aspect, Guaiacwood also has benefits for the physical body. It supports healthy inflammatory responses and can provide a healthy complexion. It also has a positive effect on the respiratory system and can support healthy breathing.

Here are three recipes for using doTERRA Guaiacwood:

Palo Santo diffuser blend

3 drops of doTERRA Guaiacwood (Guaiac-hout)
2 drops of doTERRA Cedarwood
2 drops of doTERRA Bergamot

Guaiacwood pure-fume

10 drops of doTERRA Guaiacwood (Guaiac-hout)
5 drops Ylang Ylang
5 drops Bergamot
4 drops Lavender (Lavendel)
1 drop Patchouli
10 ml of fractionated coconut oil
Preparation: add all essential oils to a 10 ml roller bottle and fill the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Seal the bottle and shake well to mix the oils. Apply to the wrists and behind the ears for a subtle, woody scent.

Guaiacwood skin care
Add 1-2 drops of doTERRA Guaiacwood (Guaiac-hout) to your daily facial care routine to help reduce redness.

In short, doTERRA Guaiacwood is not only a powerful spiritual tool, but also provides benefits to the physical body. It is an essential oil that supports both body and mind and can be used in a variety of ways to create a sense of calm and tranquility. Experience it for yourself and discover the benefits of Palo Santo.

A message from the Guaiacwood tree

I am the Guaiacwood tree, and I speak to you from the depths of my plant soul. My oil has been used for centuries to bring peace and calm to those who treat me with respect and gratitude.

I remind you to look deep within yourself and listen to the whispers of your soul. My fragrance can help you connect with your inner source of wisdom and knowledge. When you use me, be still, meditate and be open to the messages of the universe.

I want you to know that I am proudly and reverently grown by my family in Paraguay, who carefully harvest my trunks and branches to ensure that my life-giving oil is produced in a sustainable and ethical manner.

I ask you to remember that the earth is a living organism, and that everything we do to help it also helps us. Treat nature with respect and gratitude, and she will give back to you with abundance and healing.

I offer you my oil as an instrument of inner peace, unconditional love and healing in your life. Use me with wisdom, and be open to the magic and mystery of life.

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