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Usage Tips:

  • Apply to wrists and neck
  • Rub into palms and inhale deeply
  • Add to a skincare routine

What is Davana Essential Oil?

Davana, Artemisia pallens, is also known as Dhavanam, or by its Sanskrit name, Damanaka. The plant is native to southern India and is common in home gardens in India. As an aromatic herb, the plant is grown for its fragrant leaves and flowers, which are used for ornaments, religious offerings, and, of course, its essential oil. The leaves of the plant are also often seen in flower bouquets and flower arrangements.

The davana plant is a member of the daisy family and is related to Roman and German chamomile as well as sunflowers. The essential oil is steam distilled from the flower, leaf and stem of the plant.

What does Davana oil smell like?

Davana oil has a sweet, warm, exotic scent with fruity notes and a hint of wood. Its versatile scent goes well with almost all types of essential oil – woods, herbs, resins, flowers, and citrus families all work beautifully with Davana oil.

One of the most interesting and distinctive features of Davana oil is its adaptive aroma that smells and reacts differently to each person. Davanone—a sesquiterpene ketone—is the dominant molecule responsible for the oil's aroma.

What is Davana essential oil good for?

Davana Touch can help keep skin looking healthy and is wonderful to add to your personal care routine. Pre-diluted in a convenient roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil, Davana Touch is easy to apply to the skin.

What Davana excels at most is as a seductive, enchanting personal fragrance. Add Davana Touch to your pure perfume wardrobe. Whether you're going out for a special evening with friends, or need an everyday fragrance, Davana is the perfect choice.

Simply roll Davana onto your wrists and neck and enjoy the unique aroma your personal body chemistry creates with this essential oil.

doTERRA Davana Touch Essential Oil (10ml)

Artemisia pallens

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Native to southern India, Davana essential oil is a flirty, sensual oil with an aroma that is different for each person.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Davana Essential Oil
Aromatic Description: Fruity, sweet, herbaceous
Main Chemical Component: Davanone


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