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Where does Citronella Oil used for?

Citronella is known for its ability to naturally repel insects. This is one of the most common and most powerful applications. It can also be used for cleaning due to its chemical components citronellal and geraniol.

How do you use Citronella

You can Citronella as a natural insect repellent in various ways. Citronella spreading is a great way to repel insects, especially at a barbecue or summer party.

Citronella applying topically is another way to use it as a natural repellent. If using it topically, make sure to dilute it with fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. An oil such as coconut oil also helps to reduce the smell of Citronella longer on the skin, making it more effective as a repellent. Apply to wrists, neck, ankles, or any other desired area.

Where smells Citronella Oil to?

Citronella essential oil has a strong, clear aroma. Although it is not a citrus oil – citronella is a tall grass native to Asia – has a fresh, lemony note to the fragrance.

doEarth Citronella Essential Oil (15ml)

Cymbopogon winterianus

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doEarth Citronella Essential Oil (15ml)

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