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usage tips

  • Add 3-4 drops of Clementine to your surface cleansers to boost cleaning power and impart a sweet, citrus scent.
  • Diffuse to promote a light, pleasant atmosphere.
  • To help relieve occasional heartburn or indigestion, add 1-2 drops of Clementine to juice, tea, or water.* You can also try this for a tasty twist in flavor and to aid digestion.*
  • For a natural cleansing effect (and a fresh, spicy scent!) add a few drops to your facial cleanser or shampoo.
  • Try incorporating Clementine into one of your favorite recipes for a new taste and to support digestive, immune and metabolic health.*

What is Clementine essential oil good for?

Clementine is a natural hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange, and the essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the fruit. Like other citrus oils, Clementine is rich in the cleansing chemical limonene; however, it is sweeter and spicier than most citrus oils.

Clementine can boost the immune system, support metabolism and promote gastrointestinal health.* It can help relieve occasional heartburn and indigestion.* Clementine essential oil is versatile, as it can also aid in healthy respiratory function.*

Aromatic benefits of Clementine include mood elevation and positive emotions. Citrus oils, including Clementine, can also help you feel more refreshed and less anxious. Not only does diffusing Clementine elevate your emotions, it also purifies and purifies the air. Improve your overall health by adding Clementine to your wellness routine.

Plant Description

Clementines are quite unique among the plants of the Citrus genus. More specifically, Citrus clementina do not have such a high heat requirement to thrive. This means they can be grown in regions with more moderate temperatures. The regions with higher average temperatures, such as North Africa, the Mediterranean, and California produce the most prized clementines (both in size and quality), but the largest producer overall is China. Together with the tree's unique harvesting factors, the volatile aromatic compounds of the peels provide a distinct orangey scent with subtle notes of lemon.

Oils That Go Well With Clementine

The aroma of Clementine goes well with the following essential oils: Arborvitae olie, Citrus Bliss oil, coriander oil, Grapefruit oil, lemon oil, Spearmint olie.

doTERRA Clementine Essential Oil (5ml)

Citrus clementina

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Spicy, refreshing and sweet, Clementine essential oil delivers a range of benefits, including its cleansing properties. Clementine's citrus scent can lift and lift your mood.

plant part: Peel
Extraction method: Cold pressed
Aromatic Description: Citrus, sweet, spicy
Main chemical constituents: limonene


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doTERRA Clementine Essential Oil (5ml)

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