In the beginning of November we made a cō Impact Sourcing trip to Kenya. There we visited two distilleries, worked with farmers in their fields and visited a school. This school is supported by the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. Classrooms, a library and toilets have been built. In the meantime, the school has grown from 46 to 800 children!

This trip was very impressive especially because of the encounters with the people. We took them to our hearts and promised them to promote their oils. Therefore we offer a special package with special oils from Kenya:

Pink Pepper

Because Kenya is “the country of smiles”, we give a bottle of Cheer as a gift with these oils. Also, if you order, we pay the shipping costs.

Now pay only 98 EUR instead of 162,93 EUR! Includes so 5ml of free Cheer (and… no shipping).

Need recipes and inspiration? download the accompanying booklet now.

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BOGO Deal - Kenya

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