Emotions and essential oils
nervous system
Muscles and bones
Skin and Hair
Immune system

usage tips

Rub Stronger blend on bottoms of feet before going to sleep.
Roll over wrists for support throughout the day.
Apply to chest or hands and inhale deeply for aromatic benefits

What's in Stronger Protective Blend?

Stronger Protective Blend contains several essential oils specially chosen for their supporting properties and strengthening power.

Litsea is one of the main ingredients of Stronger blend. The litsea tree is shrubby and evergreen and produces a small fruit, which is where the essential oil comes from. The aroma of litsea is sweet and lemony, similar to the smell of lemongrass. It helps keep the skin looking clean and healthy and has other supportive properties.

Cedarwood's woody, warm and grounding essential oil can quickly transform any environment into one of relaxation and strength. It is often used in massage therapy to calm the mind and body.

Frankincense, also known as the King of Oils, is a real powerhouse among essential oils. When you need support, turn to Frankincense. The rich aroma of Frankincense complements the other oils in Stronger blend particularly well for a deep, beautiful scent.

Rose, the Queen of Oils, is one of the most precious and prized essential oils. Its delicate scent is uplifting and comforting, while the oil helps to balance and harmonize the skin when applied topically.

Stronger is pre-diluted in a base of fractionated coconut oil to aid absorption and minimize any skin sensitivity.



doTERRA Stronger Kids Protective Blend

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The floral, soft, woody scent of Calmer offers your child a soothing atmosphere that contributes to a feeling of safety and promotes sleep.

doTERRA Stronger Kids Protective Blend

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