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Sometimes in this insanely busy, modern world you feel displaced and insecure about yourself, with a mile-long to-do list and uncertain priorities. Finding balance through aromatherapy and simple yoga moves can be an excellent first step. doTERRA Anchor Steadying blend instills a firm confidence in yourself so you can approach your practice and your life with calming power. Of Lavendel, Cederhout, Sandelhout, Kaneel, Wierook, Zwarte Peper, en Patchouli essentiële oliën in een basis van gefractioneerde kokosolie, ondersteunt deze mix je verbinding met jezelf, je gemeenschap, je emotionele harmonie en je aangeboren wijsheid.


  • Apply to ankles, base of spine and bottoms of feet to promote a feeling of completeness and calm.
  • Enjoy the aromatic benefits of Anchor whenever you feel distracted or displaced.
  • The perfect yoga poses to pair with Anchor's aroma are seated meditation, seated twist, and Bhu Mudra (one hand on the heart, the other on the earth).
  • Can be used during yoga practice or at any other time of the day.

doTERRA Anchor Steadying Blend (5ml)

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doTERRA Anchor Steadying Blend (5ml)

Availability: In Stock