doTERRA On Guard Hand Purifying Spray (30ml)



doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Spray is able to eliminate almost all bacteria and germs on the hands, ideal for in your children’s school bag or for your own handbag. Help your family stay happy and healthy all year round by giving them the protective products they need.

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Bacteria, microbes, whatever you call them, they are everywhere. They can be found on our skin, cell phones, keyboards, door handles and elsewhere. From an early age, we are taught the importance of washing our hands. Manual removal of bacteria using soap and warm water is still the main defense mechanism against bacteria and germs that make us sick. While on the go, at school, at work or in public places, we come into contact with millions of these tiny microorganisms, some of which can be harmful. Sometimes we don't have access to water and soap, so a portable, easy-to-carry disinfectant can often come in handy.

What makes doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Spray unique?
With the addition of essential oils, alcohol and moisturizers, doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Spray is a quick-drying antiseptic spray that also helps moisturize the skin.

Essential oils
Wild orange, clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils make up doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend and give this antiseptic spray its uplifting, bright and spicy aroma. Moreover, the constituents of many of these oils and the oils themselves have been shown to have surface-cleaning properties.

Active ingredients

Ethanol gives this spray its purifying properties, killing 99.9 percent of germs. It does this by clumping together and denaturing key bacterial proteins, eventually causing these harmful cells to burst open.


While other hand sanitizers are harsh on the skin and leave it feeling dry, doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Spray contains apple fruit extract to moisturize the hands leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.


doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Spray is formulated for when you are on the go. Able to eliminate almost all bacteria and germs on the hands, this mist will also help to soothe and moisturize the skin. Whether you are helping the kids pack their backpacks for school or packing your own bag for the day, be sure to include a bottle of doTERRA On Guard Sanitizing Spray. Help your family stay happy and healthy all year round by giving them the protective products they need.

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