Usage tips

  • After a large meal or trying new foods, take Caraway internally.
  • Use caraway oil in your kitchen.
  • Apply a drop to your toothbrush along with your toothpaste.

What is caraway essential oil used for?

Caraway oil is used for a variety of things, but it is most commonly used internally to support digestion.* Take Caraway internally to access the gastrointestinal benefits of Caraway oil.* There are a few ways to take it internally. There are a few ways to take it internally. You can simply add it to a drink or take it in a vegetable capsule, or you can cook with it.

In addition, caraway can help with weight management when taken internally.* In clinical studies, caraway extract showed properties that help reduce appetite and control weight when combined with exercise.*

Limonene and carvone – two of the main constituents of caraway essential oil – may also have calming effects when ingested.* In experimental research, ingestion of limonene was found to have calming effects on the colon and carvone was found to have calming effects on the nervous system.*

What does caraway smell like?

Essential oil of caraway smells herbaceous and slightly woody. A drop or two of caraway is a good addition to oil blends as a warm but fresh note.

Cooking with caraway oil

The next time a recipe calls for caraway, try using caraway essential oil. It's incredibly powerful, so a little goes a long way, and you'll also get access to all the fantastic internal benefits of caraway. Start with the amount of a toothpick. You can always add more, but you can't take anything out! If you still want more flavor after adding a toothpick amount, you can add more with a toothpick or you can add a drop. By putting the drop into a spoon and stirring, you avoid accidentally putting extra drops directly into your dish.

doTERRA Caraway (Caraway Seed) Essential Oil (5ml)

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When it comes to healthy digestion and calming the body, you can count on caraway.* Caraway essential oil provides powerful gastrointestinal support when ingested.

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doTERRA Caraway (Caraway Seed) Essential Oil (5ml)

Availability: In stock