doTERRA Hinoki Essential Oil (5ml)



Distilled from the wood of this precious Japanese Hinoki tree, Hinoki Essential Oil has a wonderfully rich, earthy aroma. Hinoki oil is often used in personal care products, but can also be used diluted in a carrier oil for a relaxing massage. The woody, balsamic scent of Hinoki oil can help create a serene environment when a few drops are put in your diffuser. This aroma makes Hinoki oil popular for use in perfumes.

In Japan, the oil is often used in baths to create a relaxing environment, and the tree itself has historical significance. Hinoki wood is incredibly durable, making it valued for construction. Properly built hinoki structures can last a thousand years or more. An example is the pagoda of the Horyuji Temple in Nara, Japan. It was built around 600 A.D. and is still intact today.

Hinoki wood is so valuable in Japan that the law states that the essential oil can only be extracted from trees that have fallen. Dwarf hinoki trees are often used by bonsai artists. doTERRA uses by-products from the wood industry and uprooted trees to ensure that no part of these prized trees is lost.

Through the Hinoki Co-Impact Sourcing partnership, doTERRA not only contributes to Japan's forest management programs, but also creates needed jobs in rural Japan – ensuring that this unique, premium oil continues to give back to the people of its homeland.

doTERRA Hinoki is a gentle oil when used on the skin, making it a good alternative for individuals sensitive to the oils of other evergreen trees. Its main chemical constituents are alpha-pinene and delta-cadinene. Its relaxing and soothing aromas make Hinoki ideal for skin care or massages.


  • Mix with fractionated coconut oil and massage on feet or back before bedtime
    For a calming aroma
  • Add two to three drops in a tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil to bath water for a fresh
    woody aroma in a relaxing bath at the end of a long day
  • Add four to five drops to your hardwood floor cleaner for a woody, fresh scent


Emotional / Spiritual
Hinoki the oil from Natural Harmony has a relaxing and very mild sedative effect. It makes you feel relaxed and you feel ordered and balanced. Ideal for Meditation or Yoga.


At doTERRA, we strive to harness the power of nature with our therapeutically high-quality essential oils. Every oil we offer is carefully extracted from the most potent and pure sources around the world. We work closely with local farmers and communities to ensure not only the purest essential oils, but also to support sustainable practices and fair trade.

Our essential oils are certified pure and contain no fillers, artificial ingredients or contaminants. This guarantees not only their safety and effectiveness, but also their power to work therapeutically. Whether promoting relaxation, relieving ailments, or refreshing your environment, doTERRA offers a natural solution that really works.

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