The star anise is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. Normally the trees only grow 2 to 3 metres high, but they can grow up to 10 metres. In Chinese culture, the plant is known as “anise with eight horns” or simply “eight horns”, referring to the generally eight-filled fruit. Anethole, the main chemical element of star anise, is what generates the distinctive licorice aroma for which star anise essential oils and oils are famous. Star anise essential oil has many positive aspects, both internally and externally. Supporting the immune system and healthy cellular function are just a few of the key benefits offered by star anise. As an ingredient in dōTERRA ZenGest Blend, star anise can be used to soothe an upset stomach at times. Star anise can also support a sense of comfort when used internally.

doTERRA Star Anise (Star Anise) Essential Oil (5ml)

Illicium verum

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