What is Citronella Oil used for?

Citronella is known for its ability to repel insects naturally. This is one of the most common and powerful applications. It can also be used for cleaning because of its chemical constituents citronellal and geraniol.

How to use Citronella

You can use Citronella as a natural insect repellent in several ways. Spreading citronella is a great way to repel insects, especially during a barbecue or summer party.

Applying citronella topically is another way to use it as a natural repellent. If you use it externally, make sure you dilute it with fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. An oil like coconut oil also helps to keep the scent of Citronella on the skin longer, making it more effective as a repellent. Apply to wrists, neck, ankles, or other desired areas.

What does Citronella Oil smell like?

Citronella essential oil has a powerful, clear aroma. Although it is not a citrus oil – citronella is a tall grass native to Asia – it has a fresh, lemony tone to the scent.

doTERRA Citronella essential oil (15ml)

Cymbopogon winterianus

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Bugs annoy you? You don’t like vermin? Do you wish you could fend them off with something safe and natural? Citronella is the oil for you!

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