Celery was used by the Chinese as early as the 5th century, and is widely used in Indian Ayurvedic practice today. Conventionally grown celery from the supermarket is nothing like the celery you find at local farmers markets. The celery plant grows to a metre high, is bright green, and glows with life. Celery has a complex, strong, sweet and spicy aroma. It takes two years for the plant to fully mature and produce its small fruits, which are yellowish brown to brown in colour.
The seeds are the primary repository of essential oil. Limonene, the dominant constituent, places celery seed oil in the same league as the refreshing oils of citrus peel and pine needles. Soothing digestion is one of the many benefits of celery seed essential oil.* Preliminary research suggests that limonene also has internal cleansing properties when consumed.* The oil creates a soothing, relaxing, and positive environment while cooling and calming effects.




doTERRA Celery Seed Essential Oil (15ml)

Apium graveolens


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