Usage tips

  • Make a diffuser to mist the Christmas tree or decorations for a festive scent.
  • Spray throughout the house before a gathering to create a warm, inviting environment.
  • Put a few drops on a clay diffuser ornament.
  • Use Holiday Joy to make your greeting cards smell good.

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Greet the season and your guests with the sweet scent of Holiday Joy. This patented blend contains clove, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, wild orange, cassia, Siberian fir and Douglas fir essential oils, along with vanilla absolute.

Clove is warming and energizing. Clove is a hot oil, so dilute for any topical application.
Sweet cinnamon bark is a fragrant favorite and has cleansing properties. Like cloves, cinnamon bark is a hot oil, so dilute this mixture if you are applying it topically.
The familiar scent of Nutmeg is a soft and spicy addition to the aroma.
Wild Orange adds citrus to the mix! Wild orange is powerfully uplifting, refreshing and purifying.
Cassia, a close cousin of cinnamon, is strong and spicy. It is also a warm oil and adds even more warmth to the blend.
Siberian pine is grounding. As a spruce, native to Russia and Canada, this oil is as wintry as it gets.
Invigorating and fresh, you may also know the Douglas fir as the Christmas tree.
Vanilla Absolute adds a deliciously sweet undertone to this blend that helps bring all the scents together as one.
Diffuse Holiday Joy to add joyful warmth to a cold winter evening and purify the air. It will make you and your loved ones feel happy and bright all season long.

Holiday Joy Essential Oil Blend

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Create an atmosphere of comfort and joy this holiday season with Holiday Joy. The spicy, warm aroma will fill your heart and home with the familiar, nostalgic scents of holiday memories.

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