Usage tips

  • Apply some Calmer to your child's wrists and chest before sending them off to school for a stress-free day.
  • End the day by giving your child a relaxing foot massage with Calmer.
  • Help your child calm himself by applying this safely diluted mixture whenever he feels restless or nervous.

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Promoting a restful sleep environment is one of the traditional ways to use essential oils. When used correctly, essential oils can help your child achieve this important factor in overall well-being. As one of the oil blends in the doTERRA Kids Oil Collection, the Calmer Restful Blend is designed to reduce feelings of stress and promote calmness throughout the day, helping them achieve a full night of restful sleep. This blend contains Lavender, Cananga, Buddha Wood, and Creamy Chamomile in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

Lavender is often considered a must-have oil to always have on hand because of its versatile uses, including calming and relaxing properties that promote peaceful sleep and relieve feelings of stress.

Cananga has a floral scent and a calming effect, while the scent of Buddha Wood combines hints of rose with smoky wood and provides a sense of grounding.

Roman chamomile has a sweet, floral fragrance, soothes and has a calming effect on the skin.

Fractionated coconut oil is a light carrier oil that helps better distribute the Essential Oil and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Together, these soothing Essential Oils and the carrier oil create a safely diluted blend that provides a calming atmosphere for your child to promote a positive mood.

doTERRA Calmer Kids Restful Blend


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The floral, soft, woody scent of Calmer offers your child a soothing atmosphere that contributes to feeling safe and promotes sleep.


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