Tamer essential oil blend makes it easier than ever to both teach kids how to use soothing aromas and provide them with the right tools.

TamerÔäó essential oil blend is a minty, sweet aroma that any child can be excited to use. Tamer blends Spearmint oil, Japanese Peppermint oil, Ginger oil, Parsley seed oil, and Black Pepper oil to create an invigorating yet gentle scent and provide a soothing aroma to a comforting massage.

Like all blends in the doTERRA Kid’s Collection, Tamer comes in 10 mL roller in a base of fractionated coconut oil, gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for use without mess.


Use doTERRA Tamer

  • Apply Tamer oil to wrists and the back of the neck for a stimulating, sweet aroma during a long car ride.
  • Apply Tamer oil to bellies after a big meal for a sweet, soothing aroma during a comforting tummy massage.
  • Send Tamer oil to school with the kids for an on-the-go minty aroma they can use to create a peaceful environment during lunch break or before the start of a new subject.
  • Apply Tamer oil for a minty, fresh aroma while drinking a warm cup of Ginger or Chamomile tea.

doTERRA Kids Tamer Digestive Blend

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Childhood is a time full of uncertainties, but one thing that every child definitely needs a lot of is comforting and calming aromas. Whether these aromas are paired with a belly massage after a big meal, a long car ride, or just taking a break from a long day,

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