The dōTERRA Starter Kit

gives you an easy way to get acquainted with dōTERRA essential oils and gives you 25% off all your future purchases in the AromaPro shop and a year's purchase price through your own dōTERRA account.



– Lavender (Lavender) 5ml
– Peppermint (Peppermint) 5ml
– Lemon (Lemon) 5ml
– Convenient storage box made of sturdy cardboard
– doTERRA Essentials Booklet


With the purchase of the doTERRA Starter Kit, get a FREE AromaPro Gift Box for a great start MET Wild Orange 5ml (Orange oil), reusable roll on for your own creations, 15ml of fractionated coconut oil, 3 mini bottles, Veggie caps and a cool passive diffuser for next to your bed, in your car or wherever you want to enjoy a fine fragrance. You also get access to our Team App to ask questions about the uses of your oils and a handy eBook with recipe ideas for your first four oils.

Lavender (Lavender):

– Used for its calming and relaxing properties.
– Can be taken internally for relaxation or used in a diffuser (nebulizer).
– Can be taken half an hour before sleep or used in a diffuser to promote restful sleep

Peppermint (Peppermint):

– Peppermint supports healthy digestion
– Relieves bloating, flatulence and occasional indigestion
– Peppermint promotes healthy airways and free breathing

Lemon (Lemon):

– Lemon cleans household surfaces and indoor air
– Cleanses the body naturally and supports digestion
– Provides elimination of toxins when used internally
– Take internally for relief of seasonal respiratory problems

doTERRA Try-Out Kit (5ml)


    doTERRA Starter Kit is a collection of the 3 best-selling essential oils for your family's well-being. Now with free Wild Orange oil!

    This offer includes the following

    • Free AromaPro Gift Box (worth 20 Euro)
    • 1 year benefit account, this gives you 25% off the consumer retail price
    • Personal guidance from us in your continued journey in Aromatherapy
    • Access to AromaPro's network of Wellness Experts. You are never alone with your health challenges!
    • Access meetings and trainings that focus on learning about and working with the oils
    • Monthly “live” webinars
    • Access to our education platform


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    doTERRA Try-Out Kit (5ml)