1) doTERRA Intro kit contains 3 CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ essential oils – Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint – provide the ideal entry point for anyone looking to support their health with the power of nature. The kit comes in a convenient box and includes a variety of uses. The kit comes in a convenient package and includes several uses to get you started.
Lemon (Citroen) is a powerful cleansing oil that supports your health and can be used as a non-toxic cleaner for surfaces throughout the home. Lavender (Lavendel) has a calming and relaxing aroma that promotes calm and a peaceful environment at bedtime. Peppermint (Pepermunt) is fresh and cooling, helps relieve occasional stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function.

2) GX Assist is a combination of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils ( Oregano, Melaleuca, Lemon, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Thyme) and Caprylic Acid (a naturally derived fatty acid from coconut oil; Caprylic acid has been used for over 40 years to support digestive health and the microbial balance of the digestive tract) to help support a healthy digestive tract by creating an unfriendly environment for potential threats that can disrupt digestive defenses and cause digestive problems.
GX Assist is formulated to be used for 10 days as a preliminary cleansing step before using PB Assist® +Probiotic Defense Formula.*

3) PB Assist+ is a patented formula of pre-biotic fiber and six strains of probiotic microorganisms in a unique double-layered vegetable capsule. It provides 6 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures and soluble pre-biotic FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) that stimulate friendly bacterial growth. The time-release dual capsule system is designed to help protect sensitive probiotic cultures from stomach acid. PB Assist+ provides a unique, safe and effective way to deliver the widely recognized digestive and immune system benefits of probiotics.
Take a double-layer capsule three times daily with food every month for 10 days to promote colonization of friendly digestive flora.
Can be used more frequently and for longer periods of time when digestive flora is affected by digestive stressors.

4) Zendocrine oil blend supports the body's natural ability to get rid of unwanted substances. This powerful blend combines Rosemary, Cilantro and Juniper Berry, known for their internal detoxifying properties and ability to support healthy liver and kidney function, while Tangerine and Geranium have purifying properties against unhealthy substances. Zendocrine Helps cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals that can slow down the body's systems.

5) TerraZyme Digestive Enzyme Complex is a proprietary blend of active food enzymes and supporting cofactors often lacking in cooked, processed and preservative-laden foods. The powerful combination of digestive enzymes in TerraZyme supports the body's constant production of enzymes crucial for healthy biochemical functions, including healthy digestion and cellular metabolism of nutrients to energy. TerraZyme contains a variety of whole-food enzymes that help digest proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars and fiber.

6) Lifelong Vitality Pack: The dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program makes taking the first step toward a lifetime of vitality and well-being easy and affordable. The three core products of the dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program-Alpha CRS®+, xEO Mega®, and Microplex VMz®-are formulated to provide you with targeted amounts of essential nutrients and powerful metabolic factors for optimal health, energy, and longevity. Microplex MVp Natural Nutrient Complex is a balanced formula of bioavailable vitamins and minerals that can make up for possible deficiencies in our modern diet. The formula contains a balanced blend of essential antioxidants vitamins A, C and E, and an energy complex of B vitamins. The formula also contains calcium, magnesium and zinc for optimal bone and metabolic health. Microplex MVp contains the do-TERRA Tummy Tamer botanical blend of peppermint, ginger and caraway to keep the stomach healthy. xEO Mega Essential Oil Omega Complex is a unique formula of CPTG® essential oils and a proprietary blend of marine and terrestrial omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids support joint, cardiovascular and brain health, and support a healthy immune system. A daily dose of xEO Mega provides 900 milligrams of marine lipids (300 mg EPA, 300 mg DHA, and 70 mg of other omega 3s), and a mixture of 250 mg of fatty acids of plant origin. xEO Mega also contains 800 IU of natural vitamin D, 60 IU of natural vitamin E, and 1 mg of pure astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant carotenoid harvested from microalgae. xEO Mega is encapsulated in a vegetarian-friendly softgel. Alpha CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex is a patented formula that combines potent levels of natural botanical extracts that support healthy cell function with key metabolic factors of cellular energy. Alpha CRS+ is formulated to be used daily with xEO Mega® or vEO Mega® and Microplex MVp® as a comprehensive nutritional supplement base for a lifetime of vitality and well-being.

Shiny Happy Me Challenge Advanced Set



    • 5ml lavender
    • 5ml peppermint
    • 5ml lemon
    • GX Assist
    • PB Assist
    • TerraEnzyme
    • 15ml Zendocrine
    • LLV set (lifelongvitality supplements).

    Shiny Happy Me Challenge- Basic

    Vind je het ook een gaaf idee om een 30 dagen challenge te doen waarbij je gezondheid en positieve mindset de prioriteit krijgen? Een fantastische manier om gezonde gewoontes aan te leren en om je lijf en hoofd een meer dan verdiende “reset” te geven?

    Je krijgt:

    • heerlijke recepten voor gezonde smoothies, salades
    • volop self-care ideeën
    • en een super ochtend en avond routine om een gezonde mindset te krijgen of te houden.

    We doen deze challenge met een groep op facebook vanaf 1 januari ’23 (maar je kunt ook later instappen als je dat fijn vindt).

    Wat krijg je van ons:

    • Een toffe support groep
    • Een heerlijk receptenboek
    • Ochtend en avond routine

    Je beslist zelf hoeveel van de uitdagingen je aangaat of wat je wel of niet prettig vindt.
    Want… deze hele Shiny Happy Me Challenge gaat om goed voor jezelf zorgen en jouw lijf extra aandacht geven.

    ps deze challenge is speciaal voor mensen die nog geen doterra account hebben. Op deze manier kun je kennis maken met ons en hoe we op een mooie manier een gezonde levensstijl promoten zonder verplichtingen.

    Met de aankoop van een Shiny Happy Me Challenge open je ook je eigen dōTERRA account en kan je de komende 12 maanden met 25% korting bestellen.

    Je ontvangt tevens van ons:
    – Gratis AromaPro Cadeaubox
    – Toegang in de 24/7 AromaPro App-groep
    – Wellness-plan op maat (4x per jaar gratis afspraak)
    – Maandelijkse webinars
    – Toegang op aromapro.team voor nog meer olie-inspiratie

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