doTERRA WELLNESS DAY in Almere, Rotterdam and Antwerp

Event Information

The Wellness Days are private events for people affiliated with Monir and Tanja Daniels (AromaPro), Leanne Lovink (Helio), Thorsten Weiss (Healing Oils), Judith Edel (Pure Direction) and Olaf Schweitz (PhysioCoaching) or invited by them or one of their affiliate partners.
We would like to create an intimate atmosphere where we can share our knowledge, passion and experiences about aromatherapy. It's important to us that we have an informed audience that is engaged in our aromatherapy community and appreciates the event appropriately. This is why we introduced this restriction. We hope for understanding on this measure and we look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion for aromatherapy.
If you are not sure whether or not you are invited, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Event Host

Léanne is our online specialist and will also talk this wellness day together with her enthusiasm and passion.

Mindset - your well-being as a priority

Discover the power of essential oils at Tanja Daniels‘ workshop!
Learn how easy it is to apply these oils in your daily routine. With the three application methods, aromatic “around you,” on the skin “on you” and internal “in you,” you have the tools to naturally support your body and mind. Tanja is a professional with medical background who teaches in a fun and inspiring way.
After the workshop, you can get hands-on during the experiential part and experience the products hands-on (smell, feel, taste) and get recipes you can convert right away.

Purity - living in harmony

Symphony of the Cells™ is a collection of 19 protocols for the application of essential oils, developed by Boyd Truman based on some 27 years of practical knowledge. The protocols are designed to bring physical, emotional and spiritual harmony to the body.

The applications were created in the belief that every condition is connected to a body system. Each application has a specific approach, relates to a particular body system and addresses the underlying causes and symptoms of various conditions. When using pure essential oils of therapeutic quality, such as those from doTERRA, this method has special power and many users have already been able to optimize their health.

In this lecture you will learn how the lymbic system works with other body systems, what the natural power and chemical components of essential oils can do in our bodies, and how to practically apply this method. You will learn all about the protocols and then be able to start applying Symphony of the Cells at home.

Touch - have you missed it so much too?

In her presentation, Reineke will tell you about the Nervus Vagus, an important nerve that plays a role in activating our relaxation system. She will also show how essential oils can be used to activate this system and help us relax and unwind. Whether you are looking for ways to better manage stress, or you just want to learn more about how our bodies work, this presentation is a unique opportunity to learn more about this fascinating topic. Don't miss out and sign up today!

Hubrina Dekker

During her presentation, Hubrina will tell you all about the benefits and uses of guaiacwood oil, one of the most special new oils at doTERRA. Guaiacwood oil is known for its warm, woody scent that creates a calming and soothing atmosphere. Hubrina will show you how to use this essential oil in your daily life to experience more peace, connection and confidence – something that is so important right now. Whether you need relaxation after a busy day, or you want to improve your focus while at work, guaiacwood oil can become a valuable part of your daily routine.

Touch - have you missed it so much too?

99% of people benefit from more touch and (gentle) massage. Corina Elzenaar has 20 years of experience as a massage therapist and has won numerous wellness awards. She explains how to apply massage at home in your family. But also what you can do yourself with a few fine grasps and essential oils. With her tips, you can get started right at home!

Reconnect to your inner power.

Monir Daniels is our mindhack specialist. For focus, relaxation and letting go, you can use tapping – EFT. He explains how to use this technique along with the aroma of essential oils in your daily life. With him, we conclude this day so that the tips you've been given and the ideas you want to work on will stick. This way, you'll actually get to work the next week!

We would all like to be healthier, look better, and live in balance physically, mentally and emotionally.
We are all unique when it comes to our life purpose, wishes, desires, beliefs and even our physical body type. And yet a good and healthy life is the common dream of almost the entire world!

But how much attention and time do you allow yourself each day to achieve this goal? Do you have the right tools and guidance to support your path to wellness?

With the Wellness Day you receive a day all to yourself, to recharge, connect with others, let go of old habits and come back home to yourself, to who YOU REALLY are.

In addition to a heart full of inspiration, you will go home with a practical plan of action for the next 3 months, a changed mindset on your way to an intentional life.

Whatever your goals, with good self-care and a practical roadmap, you can keep the important things in your life in focus while reminding yourself that you are strong, worthy and capable of anything!

Sign up now and bring someone along who will grant you the same experience by sharing the link!