Complaints policy and procedure

At AromaPro we do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible service. However, it may happen that you are not satisfied. Of course, you can submit your complaints or comments to us. We will treat these in confidence and will do our utter best to reach a solution in consultation with you.

AromaPro will follow this procedure:

Filing a complaint
Complaints must be made by mail.

AromaPro will send an acknowledgement of receipt to the complainant within 7 working days of receipt of the complaint. The acknowledgement of receipt contains at least a description of the procedure and the expected duration of the handling of the complaint.

Any complaint is always handled in strict confidence by both parties.

Investigation of complaint
AromaPro undertakes to investigate the complaint and endeavours to take action, within a reasonable timeframe, to the satisfaction of the complainant.

Within 7 working days, correspondence is sent to the complainant about the outcome of the investigation, the decision taken and any follow-up action.

Hearing and contradiction
AromaPro will give the customer and, if applicable, other parties involved the opportunity to be heard. AromaPro makes a report of the hearing. Tanja Daniels is the contact person for AromaPro in case of complaints. She is able to filter complaints by asking follow-up questions of costomers and participants, both by telephone and via e-mail.

AromaPro aims to resolve the complaint within 30 days. If a longer period of time is needed to investigate, AromaPro will inform the participant within 30 days and explain the delay. If the report is not settled to the satisfaction of the complainant, the participant will report his dissatisfaction again to AromaPro.

Complaints should be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Serious complaints, which may, for example, give rise to a claim, can be reported to

Ruling by is binding on both parties.

We also have an independent mediator, who can be called in in case of dissatisfaction with the solution:

Abby Stopher

Alteus House
1 N Fourth St
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
+44 1908 088672

AromaPro will keep a record of the complaints filed with AromaPro and will store the relevant documents for one year.
All complaints are recorded according to the following schedule:

1. Date of complaint submission:

2. Date & Location training:

3. Name of complainant:

4. Description of complaint:

5. Contact date AromaPro:

6. Description of investigation complaint:

7. Date proposed solution:

8. Description of proposed solution:

9. Customer satisfied Yes/No (description if necessary):

10. Date complaint forwarded to AromaTouch:

11. Reaction AromaTouch:

12. Customer satisfied Yes/No (description where appropriate):

13. Date complaint forwarded to Abby Stopher (independent mediator):

14. Response Abby Stopher (independent mediator):

15. Customer satisfied Yes/No (description if necessary):