hawaiian Sandalwood



sandalwood is one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy. Known as one of the most grounding and stabilizing essential oils, it has a number of benefits when applied topically. These properties are due in large part to rich concentrations of sesquiterpene alcohols, especially alpha- and beta-santalol. The presence of the santalol compounds has not been detected in any other CPTG® essential oil in measurable amounts, but together they make up about 70 percent of the chemical composition of sandalwood.


Although santalol was not isolated until the 20th century, its properties have been used for millennia as the different types of sandalwood have been widely used in their native lands since ancient times. Sandalwood grows natively around the world in areas such as Nepal, the Pacific Islands, Sri Lanka, Australia and India, and it is universally valued for its health benefits. Many of these properties have been explored by modern scientific research, and studies isolating the santalol compounds have shown that many of the dominant properties of sandalwood essential oils likely to be heavily influenced by those complex and slow metabolizing sesquiterpenes.


The breadth of research into the effects of sandalwood on the skin is overwhelming, and studies isolating the santalol compounds suggest that this is mainly due to their biological activity in human cells. In vitro research suggests that both alpha and beta santalol applied topically may help soothe the skin and promote healthy skin. Further experimental research suggests that topical application of alpha-santalol promotes overall skin health. Add 1-2 drops of Hawaiian Sandalwood to your moisturizer and apply daily for smooth, glowing skin. Santalol also has surface cleaning properties and is known to protect against environmental threats.

The smell of sandalwood is what it is best known for, and that sweet, woody, mood-enhancing aroma is provided by its rich concentration of alpha and beta santalol. Human clinical research suggests that alpha-santalol, when used aromatically, may help improve mood. Spreading sandalwood can help calm anxious feelings and promote restful sleep.


Santalol is a well-researched, safe and natural compound found in doTERRA . essential oils hawaiian en sandalwood is found. Research suggests it may help calm anxious feelings, promote restful sleep, and protect against environmental threats.


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