Natural recovery on a deeper level: the AromaTouch Technique

Natural recovery on a deeper level: the AromaTouch Technique

Transform your life with the AromaTouch Technique from doTERRA

The AromaTouch Technique is a powerful method developed by Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA. Dr. Hill is a respected expert in integrative medicine and has designed the AromaTouch Technique to help people support the health of their body and mind on a deeper level.
Dr. Hill: “The AromaTouch Technique is a simple and powerful way to transform a person's life.” And that is exactly what this technique does. Using the synergy of touch and aromas, the AromaTouch Technique can help us relax our body and mind, strengthen our immune system and support us in recovering after a tough period.

Touch and aromas for a healthier body and mind

The AromaTouch technique is a fascinating technique that uses the power of touch and aromas to support and heal the body and mind.
Aromas have a powerful effect on our bodies and brains. By inhaling the scent of essential oils, we activate our limbic system, which is responsible for our emotions and memory. This can lead to changes in our mood, feelings of relaxation and reduction of anxiety and stress.
But not only fragrance is important in the AromaTouch technique. Touch is just as essential. Touch has been proven to calm our bodies and minds and give us a sense of connection. When touch is combined with aromas, it can create a powerful synergy that can heal our bodies and minds on a deeper level.
Rhythm also plays an important role in the AromaTouch technique. By using a consistent and repeatable technique, our bodies can relax and open to recovery.

Discover the power of 8

The AromaTouch Technique uses 8 powerful oils that are perfectly matched and therefore synergistically support each other. They are as follows: Balance (Balance), Lavender (Lavendel), Tea Tree, OnGuard, Aromatouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange (Wilde sinaasappel) and Peppermint (Pepermunt). Each of these oils has its own unique properties and benefits. Together they hold unparalleled power, which you will experience immediately after your first session.
Balance (Balance) has an earthy, woody scent that can help us calm down and connect with our bodies. Lavender (Lavendel) has a soothing, floral scent that can help us relax and calm our minds. Tea Tree has a refreshing, herbal scent that can support our immune system and help protect us.
OnGuard has a spicy, warm scent that can strengthen our immune system. Aromatouch has a soft, fresh scent that can help us relax and calm our bodies. Deep Blue has a spicy, minty scent that can help us reduce discomfort and relax our bodies. Wild Orange (Wilde sinaasappel) has an invigorating, citrusy scent that can help improve our mood and revitalize us. Peppermint (Pepermunt) has a refreshing, minty scent that can help us cool our bodies and refresh our minds.
The AromaTouch Technique consists of four phases, with each phase using a combination of these oils. In the first phase, Balance (Balance) is combined with Lavender (Lavendel) to reduce stress and help our bodies relax. In the second phase, Tea Tree and OnGuard are used to strengthen our immune system and protect us. In the third phase, Aromatouch and Deep Blue are used to promote healthy inflammatory responses in our bodies and help us relax our bodies. And in the fourth phase, Peppermint (Pepermunt) and Wild Orange (Wilde sinaasappel) are used to support homeostasis in our bodies.

Homeostasis: the ultimate balance for a fit and fabulous life!

But what is homeostasis? It is our body's ability to maintain a stable balance, both physically and emotionally. It is critical to our health and well-being.
Homeostasis may be disturbed if the body is unable to maintain balance. This can happen, for example, due to poor dietary habits, excessive alcohol consumption, diseases such as diabetes and autoimmune diseases, and even long-term stress. When homeostasis is disrupted, it can lead to various health problems, including inflammation, chronic diseases, fatigue, and so on.
The use of doTERRA's AromaTouch Technique can help support homeostasis in our bodies, as it can help our bodies relax and recover, allowing us to strengthen our immune system, allow our bodies to relax and improve our emotional well-being.

Feel good, do good: ethically sourced oils

The use of CPTG Essential Oils is also critical to the AromaTouch Technique. These oils are of the highest quality and have been tested for purity and potency. They are safe for use on our bodies and are not only good for us, but also for the environment. By using doTERRA's CPTG Essential Oils in the AromaTouch Technique, you not only contribute to your own health and well-being, but also to the health and well-being of local communities around the world. You can rest assured that the oils you use are pure and produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. This is how you contribute to creating a better world for all of us.

Embrace the dōTERRA Lifestyle

The AromaTouch Technique fits perfectly into the doTERRA Lifestyle and their holistic approach to health and wellness. It is a great way to support and restore our body and mind, and to improve our well-being on a deeper level.
The doTERRA Wellness Pyramid symbolizes the doTERRA Lifestyle. The pyramid consists of 6 levels: nutrition & digestion, exercise & metabolism, rest & managing stress, reducing toxins, expert self-care and proactive medical care. Each level is equally important and contributes to our overall well-being.
The AromaTouch Technique fits perfectly into the second and third level of the pyramid, which focuses on movement, metabolism, rest and stress management. By massaging our bodies with the essential oils, we stimulate circulation and help our bodies relax and open up to healing.
All in all, the AromaTouch Technique is a powerful method that can help us heal our bodies and minds and improve our well-being. By using the synergy of touch and aromas, we can calm and relax our bodies and minds on a deeper level. The combination of the eight oils used in the technique can help us strengthen our immune system, reduce discomfort and support our bodies in achieving homeostasis.

Become an AromaTouch Practitioner yourself!

Would you like to experience the power of the AromaTouch Technique and learn how to use this method to support and heal your body and mind?
The AromaTouch Technique can also be beneficial to the giver of the technique. Through the synergy of touch and aromas, giving can help us relax and lower our own stress levels. It can also help us develop a deeper sense of connection and empathy with the person we are treating. Thus, the AromaTouch Technique works not only for the receiver, but also for the giver it is a particularly pleasant experience.
Then register now for the AromaTouch Technique training taught by Tanja Daniels of AromaPro, doTERRA certified AromaTouch trainer and essential oil expert. Whether you want to use this technique at home for yourself or loved ones, or use it professionally in practice, this training is for you!
Click here for more information and to register.
Let's work together to create a healthier and more relaxed version of ourselves!

Offerings for Professionals – AromaTouch Instructor

Are you interested in being able to pass on the AromaTouch technique as an instructor and partnering with us with this in building your own dōTERRA business?
In this day and age, building a doTERRA business is a smart idea. Not only does it allow you to make a positive impact on the environment and people's health, but it can also provide better meaning and connection in your life. Moreover, generating a second stream of income can give you more financial freedom and allow you to do what you really want to do in life.
So why wait? Get started building your doTERRA business today and create a future filled with meaning, connection and freedom!
Fill out the form here. We will contact you after reading your application and provide you with customized information about your options.

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