Lemon from dōTERRA

In the Mediterranean countryside of Italy you can feel the passion of several Italian families and the pride with which they show their love work. The only thing missing is the amazing aroma their work produces. Rural Italy is the production center for dōTERRA‘s refreshing Lemon oil.

dōTERRA’s essential oil Lemon is cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit. On average, one lemon tree produces about 500 to 600 lemons a year. The yield is annually about 13 bottles of 15 ml Lemon oil. The main constituent of this oil is Limonene; a common ingredient for cleaning products.

Applying Lemon

With its refreshing, stimulating and emotionally invigorating effects, Lemon is the perfect oil to diffuse with a diffuser. When taken directly, it can support seasonal complaints and ensure a healthy digestion. Lemon has a fresh, citrus scent and is known for its effect on healthy breathing. Lemon allows you to make your own cleaning products that are free of harmful chemicals and safe for your home and family.

Lemon is also commonly used during cooking and is popular with sweet and savory dishes. Add a few drops to marinades for fish and chicken, or to a dressing for a fresh salad. It is a popular oil for use in cookies, cakes and tarts. Put a few drops in water for a refreshing drink.

Positivity & Energy

The enchanting citrus scent of Lemon oil nourishes the mind and supports concentration. The fresh scent promotes the ability to focus and can therefore be used to support learning or doing homework. Children who have difficulty learning benefit greatly from the Lemon oil. It has an invigorating effect and restores energy, mental flexibility and the drive to complete a project.

On an emotional level, Lemon inspires a natural playfulness and lightness in the heart. It supports in releasing depressive feelings by restoring the feeling of happiness. Lemon inspires joyful engagement in the now by filling the soul with energy, positivity and self-assurance.

Apply Lemon yourself

  1. Support the body: Drizzle this oil daily into a glass with water. It is a powerful antioxidant that supports cleansing.
  2. Cleaning the house: Mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and use the spray on surfaces. You can even add a few drops to dishwater in combination with dish soap.
  3. Cooking: Add Lemon to your dishes for a fresh taste. Ideas: Salad dressing, frosting.
  4. Respiration: Inhale from hand or use in a diffuser to support healthy breathing.
  5. Digestion: Add a few drops to your water to support a healthy digestion.
  6. Throat: Add 1 drop to warm water with honey to soothe the throat. Drink this mix during the day.
  7. Seasonal Discomforts: Mix 2 drops of Lemon, 2 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of Peppermint in a diffuser.
  8. Sticky residue: This oil helps well in removing sticky residue like stickers.

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