Aromatherapy Pregnancy

Aromatherapy during pregnancy

You can find a lot of information online about using aromatherapy during pregnancy. Unfortunately, this information is not always correct and this can sometimes be very confusing and misleading. Tanja Daniels and Petra Lomartire have written a book together: Naturally balanced during pregnancy.

Naturally balanced during pregnancy

It is a small guide with tools on how to use aromatherapy safely during pregnancy and the time after. Petra and Tanja have turned their knowledge into strength; Petra Lomartire of Birth and Balance has a practice for pregnancy coaching and hypnobirthing in Leidschendam. Tanja Daniels travels throughout Europe giving lectures and workshops on aromatherapy. She gives these lectures and workshops in German, Dutch and English language. They both share a passion for essential oils and their therapeutic effects.

Aromatherapy as support

Tanja: “Most oils can be used safely as aromatherapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They can provide great relief during pregnancy. They can also provide support during and after childbirth. Some oils act on hormones and can have a too strong effect. These oils are not recommended or should be used with caution. For some oils it is not yet known whether prolonged use by the mother has an effect on the foetus. Hence, some oils, which are too strong for the child, are not recommended during pregnancy.”

Inhale, feel and experience

“The advice is to always use oils diluted with carrier oil during pregnancy and always take time to carefully feel the effect. Because everyone is unique, the reactions are different; what is good for one person, does not always have to have the same effect for another. Do you want to know if you have the right oil in your hands? Inhale the aroma of the oil, close your eyes and feel; what effect does it have on you, is the smell pleasant, do you have (pleasant) associations with it? Aromatherapy should always be nice and pleasant, especially during pregnancy. Therefore it is better not to work with an oil that does not smell pleasant to you. In this way your body will clearly indicate what is good for you and what is not.”

“All oils also work on an emotional and energetic level. Therefore, beware of oils that trigger a particular emotion that you don’t want to be confronted with. If an oil recommended in the book has an unpleasant smell for you, this is the sign that this oil is not the right one for you at the moment. First work with an oil that is fine for you. Some time later you can go back to the oil from the book and often, surprisingly, the smell is fine for you.”

Aromatherapy as relaxation

Petra: “Everyone has to deal with unrest and stress in these busy times, especially as a (future) mother. Because prolonged stress is definitely not good during pregnancy, we would like to inspire you in a practical way to allow more relaxation in your life. When relaxation and rest become more of a priority during pregnancy, it also becomes easier to consciously enjoy this special period. Because that’s what a healthy pregnancy is all about, right? Every child deserves a conscious and relaxed delivery into this world, with loving and calm parents who welcome them.”

AromaTouch Technique

“To get your body into a relaxed state quickly, we also recommend regular massages. Firstly, it is a gift to be able to do nothing else for a while and to put yourself first. Secondly, a massage has the advantage of motivating relaxation. It also promotes the healthy function of your immune system. Choose a massage technique that is safe during pregnancy and a massage therapist who is experienced in massaging pregnant women. Indeed, certain pressure points should be avoided during pregnancy.”

“In addition, massages can also be well combined with the use of essential oils, which can further enhance the effects of relaxation. The AromaTouch Technique® is a safe and pleasant technique and we definitely recommend it.”

Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for possibilities to purchase the book Naturally balanced during pregnancy: Aromatherapy and more by Tanja Daniëls and Petra Lomartire. The book will soon be available for order via our website.

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Petra and Tanja
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