ZenGest doTERRA

ZenGest by dōTERRA

Nowadays there are more and more people who suffer from intestinal complaints and this can have a huge impact on how you feel. If you suffer from a sore stomach, intestinal complaints or bloating, don't ignore it. Our digestive system is an important part of our body. It is a group of organs that work together to absorb the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and water and to convert the food into energy. Digestion also excretes the waste in our system. And that's why we need to make sure we have a healthy digestive system. dōTERRA has developed ZenGest oil for this, the oil for healthy digestion.


ZenGest is a combination of several dōTERRA essential oils. In this blend you will find Ginger, Peppermint, caraway, Fennel, Coriander, Taragon and Anise. This combination was chosen because of the strong effect that each ingredient has on healthy digestion. ZenGest can be used as a support, but also as direct relief for complaints.


Applying ZenGest

From ZenGest we know not only the oil, but also as Softgel, DigestTabs and in a Touch form. The oil has a licorice-like scent and can be put in a diffuser. The oil can also be taken for immediate relief or smeared on the skin. ZenGest is an oil that you should always have with you. If you take the oil after a large meal with a glass of water, digestion is supported.

Nutrition & Digestion

ZenGest not only has an effect on our physical body, the blend also has a powerful effect on our emotional system. Thus, it has the quality to support individuals who have no interest in life and the physical world. These individuals often tend to take too much on their fork by doing too much at once. This overload of information and stimuli can also cause poor emotional 'digestion'. The mind gets too much 'nutrition' and cannot convert it into the energy we need. ZenGest can support this by helping the mind process the stimuli and information.

Apply ZenGest yourself

  1. In case of discomfort prior to menstruation: Mix 3 drops of ZenGest, Whisper and Marjoram and spread it on the abdomen. Also try to apply it before going to bed.
  2. Colon support: 3 drops ZenGest, 2 drops Lavender and apply 2 drops of Melaleuca.
  3. Occasional nausea: Dilute the oil with coconut oil and massage it into the ears. Drink plenty of water afterwards.
  4. Cavity Support: Apply 1-2 drops of diluted ZenGest to the forehead and side of the nose. This ensures open airways.
  5. Lower back: Smearing the oil on the bottom of the stomach and lower back can provide a cooling and relaxing effect.
  6. Digestion: Put 1-2 drops on the abdomen, wrists and/or drink 1-2 drops in water for healthy digestion.
  7. detox: Take 2-3 drops of ZenGest 2-3 times a day with water.
  8. Stomach: 1-2 drops of ZenGest, Oregano en Lemongrass in a veggie cap 3-4 times a day, supports stomach health.