Peppermint doEarth

Peppermint from dōTERRA

A fresh scent surrounds you as you stand in the middle of a field full of green leaves. The green petals disguise small, pale pink flowers that open to the sun that you can feel on your skin. Sprinklers ensure that this coin field in America remains well moist. This field full of mint plants is the production center for the Peppermint dōTERRA oil; one of dōTERRAs most wanted oil.

Dried peppermint leaves dating back to about 1000 BC were found in the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Since time immemorial, peppermint has been believed for its diverse uses. Today, peppermint is used in cosmetics, food and healthcare.

Applying Peppermint

This sought-after dōTERRA oil acts on our bodies, emotions and minds. It contributes to a healthy digestion, has a direct effect on the mood and is an insect repellent. By adding a drop to water or a smoothie, you give it a refreshing twist. Breath Peppermint of dōTERRA when you are tired, nervous, or tense. Rub a drop Peppermint on the temples for a soothing effect on the head. Due to its many application possibilities, Peppermint one of dōTERRA's best-selling oils.

The optimistic heart

Peppermint is the oil of the optimistic heart. The Peppermint dōTERRA oil can help turn negative and pessimistic feelings into positive ones. Through Peppermint By using oil we can support an optimistic heart and guarantee relief. Through Peppermint we can feel the power to face “emotional pain”.

All the negative emotions we encounter help us to grow. Negative emotions affect our gut and because Peppermint has a supportive effect on both, it can be used well with negative thoughts and emotions.

Peppermint apply yourself

  1. Supports Healthy Breathing: Put a drop Peppermint in your palms, cup over your nose and inhale. Peppermint of dōTERRA in a diffuser helps with proper breathing during your workout.
  2. Fresh breath: Drop 1 drop Peppermint oil in your mouth for fresh breath.
  3. Digestion: Peppermint supports healthy digestion. Dilute with a base oil and apply 1-2 drops Peppermint oil on the stomach. You can also take a few drops in water or a veggie capsule to soothe the stomach. Peppermint is one of the ingredients in the ZenGest blend.
  4. Pests: Peppermint is a natural remedy against pests such as ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes.
  5. mouthwash: One drop in a glass of water creates a mouthwash for rinsing.
  6. Toothpaste: If you make your own toothpaste, you can Peppermint add for fresh breath.
  7. seasoning:Add Peppermint Add a dessert or smoothie for a mint flavour.
  8. Muscle Support: Dilute the Peppermint with a base oil and massage to support muscles.
  9. Focus & Alertness: Mix equal portions Wild Orange en Peppermint oil in your palms for alertness. Usage Peppermint aromatic in the car on long journeys. The combination of the following oils with Peppermint you can use for focus and alertness: Lemon, Rosemary, Bergamot en Cypress.
  10. Cooling down: Do equal portions Peppermint, Frankincense en Lavender in a spray bottle with water and spray on the body for a cooling and refreshing effect.